Plateau: 880 benefit from free medical care

News available to ViewPointNigeria indicates that 880 people in Jos benefited from a 4–day medical outreach which was organized by the management of Selman hospital in collaboration with Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) in Plateau State.

The medical outreach which targeted 1000 people spanned for four days with over 20 medical doctors from Jos University Teaching hospital (JUTH) treating ailments of various degrees.

Information available to ViewPointNigeria indicates that for the first two days, the doctors were consulting, dispensing drugs and screening patients who will require surgery. The next two days were used for different kinds of surgeries.

The doctors performed 46 surgeries which include: cesarean section, appendectomy, ovarian cyst, typhoid perforation and Fibroid.

The Managing Director of Salman hospital, Dr. Longwap Abdulazeez Saleh said the outreach is an annual event which targets 1000 patients adding that the NMA had assisted with resource persons including Dr. Dawal Kwande, the State NMA secretary.

Dr. Longwap Abdulazeez said that they encountered three special cases while screening the children. One of the children was diagnosed with congenital stenosis of the anus, one with burnt Contracture, and another child with congenital fistula of the penis. He said they are planning to get sponsorship for the children.

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Plateau: 880 benefit from free medical care

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