ViewPointNigeria salutes governor Simon Lalong on achieving the phenomenal feat of staging the first edition of the Jos Carnival on 15 -17th April 2017. This will go down in the history of Plateau state as year of clawing-back Plateau’s lost mantle as the undisputed  home of entertainment and leisure.

This landmark is a massive testament to the fact that peace has really returned to Plateau and that Plateau is again open for business and investments. Many investors, who had hitherto written Plateau off, will be looking at the achievements here and contemplating how to make inroads back into this long ostracised jewel.

For a long time, Cross Rivers state stole the birthright of Plateau state as the home of tourism by taking the initiative to create a thriving tourism industry and then subsequently starting a Calabar carnival which has significantly showcased the heritage of Cross Rivers etc.

It would appear that Lalong and his team have come alive to this and have taken the initiative to reclaim that mandate. And this is incredibly commendable.

On behalf of the management and staff of ViewPointNigeria, we salute the governor for creating a Platform for relaunching and laundering the image of Plateau state on the global stage. We shall lend our support 100% to any future initiatives of this sort. Very well done.

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Applause! Applause!! Applause!!! to Lalong for Jos Carnival – ViewPointNigeria

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