Rep. Barr. Dr. I. D. Gyang, Member representing Riyom/Barkin Ladi Federal Constituency at the National Assembly flags off One-week Malaria Eradication and Peace Campaigns.
The event started today in Ganawuri District, Riyom LGA, Plateau State and expected to hold across all the District in the Federal Constituency.
Barr. Gyang visited the Atar Aten of Ganawuri, Mr. Yakubu Chaimang before heading to the venue of the event at Primary Health Care Ganawuri to seek for royal blessings and to tell the Royal Father of his reason for being in his domain.
Dr. I. D. Gyang thanked the people of Ganawuri District for the supports they gave him when he contested for election to the House of Representatives and said he was with them to fulfill some of his campaign promises which include quality legislation, empowerment and provision of health facilities. He told the crowd present that Malaria is a killer disease that has killed many people more than other diseases but people have been careless about it. He said since it is impossible for the people to kill all mosquitoes that transmits the disease, it is imperative to prevent contact with mosquitoes through the use of treated nets.
Dr. I. D said since his people doesn’t have resources to procure insecticides, hence the need to come to their aides with treated nets and drugs. He further said he has plans to provide the people of Ganawuri with Boreholes and a good market which he intends to construct as plans have already been concluded to do so.
He further told the people to remain peaceful, love one another and ensure that the peace of the area is not compromised but sustained in order to attract growth and development. He said he will continue to do his best to ensure the people enjoy democratic gains through quality representation.
The Country Representative of the International NGO with which the Malaria Eradication Campaign is being done in collaboration with, Dr. Suleiman Shuaibu said he is happy to have met with Dr. I. D. Gyang who he said is a vibrant, humble and effective leader. He asked the Constituents to thank God for having such representative who is a lover of the poor masses who wants to see the poor smile. He said Dr. I. D. Gyang has been having sleepless nights to lobby for such gesture and plans are already underway to provide wheelchairs, laptops to students to help them in their research works, boreholes and others. He charged the people not to vote for people who don’t care about them, their health and welfare. He said Dr. I. D. Gyang should be supported in his future political ambitions for more democratic gains. He told the people not to rush as the drugs, treated nets and delivery kits are sufficient.
Delivering kits are being given to pregnant women/expectant mothers, Cough Syrup and Vitamin B, anti-Malarial drugs/treated nets, typhoid drugs and assessment of communities for provision of portable drinking water.
The Malaria eradication Campaign is in collaboration with an International NGO, Centre for Conflict Solution, Aide and Justices in Africa. The Country Representative, Dr. Suleiman Shuaibu was at hand with his team of medical experts to administers the drugs as well as distribute the treated nets to the people at no cost.
PDP Chairman in Riyom LGA, Mr. Davou Baget thanked the representative for his foresight and the good works he has been doing to the people and pray God to give him the capacity and heart to sustain same while he asked the people to support the PDP which he said is the purposeful party that has the interest of Nigerians.
Alh. Shagari Ibrahim a PDP EXCO of Tse Ward said the people of Riyom/Barkin Ladi Fed. Constituency are lucky to have a pragmatic and proactive who has been legislating well and ensuring dividends of democracy reaches the people all the time. He said many people including himself are beneficiaries of the people-oriented empowerment programmes of Dr. I. D. Gyang. He said the member has empowered the people beyond human imagination.
The event saw key stakeholders of the PDP such as Hon. Wyclif Watson, Barr. Simon Jok, Hon. Philip Jwey the PDP Chairman of Barkin Ladi LGA, Hon. Nash, PDP Ward EXCOs across Ganawuri District and other key personalities.
Some State Executives of the Party; The Public Relations Officer Hon. John. T. Akans (KSM) and Legal Adviser Barr. Bincham
Day 1 witnessed huge turnout of people cutting across the various tribes, religions and political parties to access the treatments.
Day 2 will be in Bachi District at G.S.S. Bachi by 10am after which the Campaign will move to Riyom District at Rahoss Ward.

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Barr. Dr. I. D. Gyang Flags Off One-week Malaria Eradication and Peace Campaigns

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