The Berom Educational and Cultural Organization, BECO has condemned the attack on Wereh Community of Barkin Ladi LGA that left three persons dead including a former Head of Service to Plateau State, Da Moses Gwom, calls it a big blow to the Berom Nation and threat to the fragile peace being enjoyed.

In a message made available to Viewpoint Nigeria and signed by BECO National President, Da Ericsson Fom, BECO frowned at the killings.


11th October, 2017


The Berom Educational and Cultural Organization, BECO is rudely shocked at the assassination of Da Moses Dung Gwom, former Head of Civil Service, Plateau State and two others by persons suspected to be Fulani at Wereh Village, near Barkin Ladi town on Tuesday, 10th October, 2017.

This ugly and very painful incident has definitely shaken the fragile foundation of the so-called relative peace the state was said to be enjoying.

BECO vehemently condemns this despicable act of deliberate provocation on the Berom. These assassinations are one too many. It is indeed very sad that the Berom nation has continued to lose its finest sons and daugthers in circumstances that are planned to annihilate, dispossess, and enslave our people.

Also worrying is the somewhat permanent lack of arrest and diligent prosecution of suspects and culprits of so many of such cases. BECO therefore dares to ask the following questions: Are the attackers in Berom land not operatives of a terrorist network? Who is providing funding and cover for such criminals to the extent that they cannot be apprehended and prosecuted?

BECO refuses to accept the spurious rationalization of this dastardly act as pure coincidental crimes that have no religious, political and territorial ambitions. In fact, this particular killing, we suspect, is part of an overall strategy of terrorizing and dislodging the Berom from their land and traditional homestead.

We are therefore calling on the State Government and Security Agencies in particular to demonstrate courage and professionalism in guaranteeing the Fundamental Human Rights of Berom by identifying and prosecuting the killers of these innocent citizens in Berom land and beyond.

Furthermore, BECO deeply sympathizes with the Dung Gwom family and indeed the other victims. At the same time, BECO is calling on all the Berom to thoughtfully mourn the assassination and remain calm by refraining from acts that are capable of degenerating the situation.

Da Ericson E. Fom

President, Berom Educational and Cultural Organization (BECO)

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Berom Educational and Cultural Organization, BECO Condemns Wereh attacks and killing of former Head of Service and other Two Persons, Call it a Deadly Blow

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