Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State has promised to submit the final settlement report in respect of the 15 Local Government Chairmen who he removed from office in 2015. The submission will be made to the Plateau State High Court (1V) on July 14, 2017, in order to get a Consent Judgement for the parties.

You would recall that Governor Lalong and the sacked Chairmen of  the 15 Local Government have been in Court since July 2015 over the sack.
From records, Governor Lalong had sacked the Democratically Elected Chairmen, who are mostly members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from office, just two months into his administration.
On their part, the Chairman had approached the Plateau State High Court, through their Counsel, Philemon Dafe (Esq) to question the powers of the Governor in such exercise.
Leaning on the wisdom of the Bench, the Plateau State High Court, presided over by Hon. Justice Felomina Lot, had advised the parties to explore the possibility of an out of Court settlement since,  “all of them are citizens of Plateau, who won’t want any detrimental happening against the State”.
Reports suggest that all the parties in the matter, which include the State Government, House of Assembly and PLASIEC, bought the idea and are exploring it.
It was therefore not surprising that, When the case came up on Friday before Justice Felomina Lot on the report on the development in the discussion, Dafe (Esq), told the Court that the parties in the case were almost concluding their out of Court settlement.
He said, “My Lord, all the parties in this case have gotten to a certain stage whereby we are at the verge of settlement. “We will just need another adjournment of say one month for us to tidy the agreement; in fact, we hope to submit the final settlement report to the Court by that date,” Dafe pleaded.
Hon. Justice Lot, who expressed happiness with the development in the case, has adjourned the matter, to July 14, 2017 for submission of final settlement report and its terms.
Culled from Reality Newspaper

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Out of court settlement close to finalisation between Lalong and sacked LG chairmen

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