Cult group Sara Suka terrorises Jos

There is a strong indication that the prevailing peace in Plateau State especially in Jos, the state capital, might be shattered, following the activities of a dreaded group under the name Sara Suka meaning stab and cut, terrorising inhabitants of Jos. The activities of the group is giving the inhabitants of the Tin City  sleepless nights and sending jitter down the spines of many following ignoble acts of the group.

They are more active in Nasarawa Gwom, Bauchi road, Angwan Rogo, Tina junction and in many other places within Jos North Local Government Area of the state. They terrorise inhabitants of these areas and engage violently anyone that is not ready to play along with them.

Apart from engaging in stealing and snatching of bags, handsets and allegedly serve as errand boys for people of dubious characters, they are also involved in unhealthy competition of fighting with knives among themselves in a broad daylight.

ViewPointNigeria findings revealed that their presence in these localities has also fuelled the  sales of dangerous substances such as marijuana, Goskolo and drugs   capable of knocking them out of their senses. Miffed by the notorious activities of this  dreaded group tagged Sara-Suka  the Commander, of ‘Operation Safe Haven’ a state security outfit, Major General Nicholas Rogers, recently conveyed a meeting of community and religious leaders of the affected communities at the headquarters of the command to find a lasting solution to this menace.

Various communities and religious leaders who spoke during the interface with the commander condemned the activities of the group, saying they operated like a cult group and carried out their activities under the influence of dangerous drugs and other substances.

A community leader in Mista Ali part of Jos North local government declared thus: “The activities of these Sara Suka boys have become a threat to our community, there is no day that there would be no reported cases of two or more person being stabbed and in most cases resorted to death, DPO of our area can attest to this.”

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Cult group Sara Suka terrorises Jos

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