Hon. Dalung clears air on alleged N30m bribery scandal

The minister of Youth and Sports Hon. Solomon Selcap Dalung has cleared the air on allegations against him making the rounds that he is involved in an over N30m bribery scandal. In a statement made available to ViewPointNigeria, the minister said ”I have never been invited by the said NASS committee and had never received any invitation from the Committee in respect of the allegations published.

I am even not aware of the said transactions, I even don’t know the contractor involved or even the company.

I did not mandated anybody to collect anything from anybody and so not in the position to defend it. The whole allegations is coming to me as a surprise because before proceeding on medical vacation, I cannot remembered receiving such petition.

Therefore, I challenge those fabricating the story to also tell Nigerians whether I was given the copy of the petition? If the petitioner did not avail me the copy, I have the right to be served with a copy before the purported seven invitations by NASS. Or was the NASS expecting me to come before they will level the allegations and expect reply?

There are laid down procedures of doing things and I believed that the NASS is conversant with these practises common in democratic societies. As a law abiding citizen I will never disregard invitation from NASS, if I have genuine reasons for not making it, I will communicate formally. The whole processes looks like acting a script which is outside the confine of law.

The power of arrest of the NASS is a shield intended to protect the integrity of the legislature and not a sword to hunt perceived or imaginary enemies. The threat is too hash and lacks the flavour of legislative complements, because choosing a period of my absence on medical vacation is the worst form of injustice against humanity. However, whenever, I resumed from my medical vacation, I will report to the Inspector of Police or Sergeant at Arms for journey into detention, but for now, I am responding to my health”

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Hon. Dalung clears air on alleged N30m bribery scandal

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