Miss Nalong Promise Gulong is the Labour Room Governor of Plateau State in the Nigeria Rebirth Project which is the First National Development Tv Reality Show in Africa.

Objectives Of The Labour Room Reality TV show

The LABOUR ROOM will activate employment across the country by its approach to empower housemates with seed capital. Every registered contestant stands a chance of being selected for employment in a Multimillion Naira company that is built from this Reality TV show.

Supporting government effort in creating a new social culture where the youths will be practically involved in solving national issues.
To create and inspire the true spirit of patriotism in Nigeria.

The LABOUR ROOM has been designed to promote, encourage and push local content products and concepts.
The contents in the LABOUR ROOM are geared towards the growth of entrepreneurship in Nigeria.
The show aims at building strong leadership qualities in housemates and in the minds of the African viewers.

One of the goals is to create real value for African television viewers against the corrupt contents spread around the media.
Creating a blueprint to correct the ills in the country.
To develop a healthy system for the Nigerian societies.
The Production

The Labour Room Reality TV show has the genre based on reality that will focus on National Development. The programme basically is designed to attract viewers from across Africa and other continents because of its uniqueness which will showcase and infuse cultural differences and eventually provide a Nationalistic outlook.
The show is planned to have a very contemporary design that encapsulates modern standards in television programme production. It is styled to have a set that includes and displays made in Nigeria products, Nigerian brands, heroes, a reflection of our heritage and our past leaders branded in and around the mansion. Viewers will be able to interact with the show through SMS and social media platforms.

Both contestants and viewers of The Labour Room reality television show will be duly rewarded after the sixty days. Some with cash prizes and some with rewards that is priceless: – Sixty (60) million viewers: High motivation to dream big and numerous cash and kind prices.
– Registered contestants across Nigeria and diaspora: This category of people receives the Nigeria Rebirth 4litre Palm Oil, and automatically enters into the database of a new breed of Nigerian leaders and entrepreneurs.
– Every registered contestant stands a chance of being selected for employment in the Multimillion Naira Company that is built from this Reality TV show. – Out-mates: This category will be contestants that might not necessary make it into the house but will work with the housemates. They are entitled to N50, 000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira) each.
– Housemates: Each housemate is automatically entitled to N200, 000.00 (Two Hundred Thousand Naira) upon passing through the final screening process.
– Last four housemates standing: These last four will win the ultimate price of N200, 000, 000.00 (Two Hundred Million Naira) seed capital to start a joint multi-million naira local content company that will directly and indirectly employ other young Nigerians. This seed capital will be released in three (3) phases as the company grows. This seed capital will serve as a special investment by our partners under the supervision of some experienced Nigerian men and women. Details will be given in a special document to all contestants before the show starts.
– The highest share holder of the company will be the winner followed by the first, second and third runners-up respectively. – First runner-up will receive a made in Nigeria car.
– The last man standing will win a made in Nigeria SUV. – All contestants will be presented to a sitting leader of government in Nigeria.
A local content driven company will be created at the end of the show with the 200million naira seed capital, who will then be trained and coached to ensure the long-life, productivity and success of the company.
This company will have the capacity to employ hundreds of direct and indirect employees, within the first year. The Labour room is partnering with existing companies to create job opportunities for registered contestants, including THLD international logistics who are setting up gas production plants and training centres which will provide hundreds of employment opportunities at different locations across the country.
Made in Nigeria products are currently being registered and certified for online sales, courtesy of the show. This will boost the productivity and standardization of Nigerian products, encouraging SME’S and other production companies in Nigeria. The Labour room is also in talks with private, national and multinational companies on providing employment slots for registered contestants at the end of the show. Possible projects geared towards job creation are currently being discussed and reviewed with some of these companies, while prospective partners are holding talks with us. Every project must fall within the objectives of the Labour Room Reality TV show.
My Name is Nalong Promise Gulong, I was born 18 September 1988 at Lagos Island. I am from plateau state Mangu local government, my dialect is mwaghavul.
Daughter of late Rtd Wg Cmdr M.Gulong Fwangje and Pst Mrs Comfort Gulong. I grew up in Lagos and Kaduna a shuttle between the 2 states and lived a minimum of 1 year in different states like Jos, Kano, PortHacourt, Benue, Enugu and Abuja. I speak fluent English, pidgin and Hausa; basic Tiv and Yoruba languages.
I attended Air Force primary school Ikeja 1992-1994 and continued in Kaduna 1994-1999. I went to Faith Academy ota, Ogun state in 1999-2004 and finished at Comprehensive College Kaduna from 2005-2006. I did my tertiary education at University of mkar, mkar in Benue state from 2008-2012, where I obttained a B.sc in SOCIOLOGY and ANTHROPOLOGY. I did my NYSC at Abuja 2013-2014 with NAPTIP, shortly after service I got a job with TREVO AFRICA CONCEPTS as customer support/consultant 2014DEC and left 2016AUG.
I am a farm produce supplier as well as a realtor. I registered my company in AUG 2016 called PROMXVILLE LIMITED.
I started my own Agricultural business, which is buying and selling of Farm produce and also partnered with PSNUTRAC an Aeroponics farming system, also BUYALIVE a livestock delivery company. In January 2017, I decided to take the real estate business more serious based on housing demands and launched PROMXVILLE ESTATES.
We are currently undergoing our first estate buildings of 20 units; my team is comprised of top notch professional architects down to the masons.
I love constructive thinking, music, travelling to experience cultural shock and expand my horizon. Also, love to teach as an Orator and I am a great cook. I want to be an orator alongside my normal job description.
I have an NGO that caters for children formerly run by my mum which she catered for widows in her own little way, called the Tabitha-Dorcas foundation. On my administration, I changed the name to Promxville foundation because of easy documentation.
Recently made collaborations with FixNigeria and IamProudlyNigerian to continue the great works together. My family is nuclear, comprising of my mum (Pst. Comfort Gulong) and my siblings (Peret, Longret and Pringcart Gulong), we lost the bread winner in 1999 when I was 10 years old, and so I quickly assumed early responsibilities. I have taken up jobs since I was 16.
I have a 4-year-old son who is my driving force to show that no matter your mistakes you can be whatever you want to be, with determination it will take you to your destination.
My mother believed in education so she made sure she sent us to one of the best. Knowing fully well I lack physical strength I made good use of my mental strength which has always made me excel.


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Miss Nalong Promise Gulong, Labour Room Governor of Plateau State and the Nigeria Rebirth Project

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