ABUJA, July 25 (Xinhua) — Nigeria on Tuesday confirmed fresh cases of Lassa fever in the central state of Plateau, saying all hands will be on deck to deal with a possible resurgence of the disease in the country.

Four new cases of Lassa fever, a disease transmitted by rodents, have been confirmed in the state so far, said Kuden Deyin, the Plateau State commissioner for health.

Out of the four casualties, one death has been confirmed while three others are receiving treatment, the health official said.

Lassa fever is usually transmitted to humans when they are exposed to food or water contaminated by the saliva and excreta of infected rats. In some cases, Lassa fever has similar symptoms with malaria.

It is an acute and often fatal viral disease, occurring mainly in West Africa.

On July 8, three female students of a public middle school in the state had tested positive for the disease.

Deyin urged health workers to be on the alert in combating fresh cases of the hemorrhagic fever.

More than 80 people were killed by a Lassa fever outbreak early last year in Nigeria.

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Nigeria Confirms Fresh Cases of Lassa Fever in Central State

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