In the last few days our collective resolve to live in harmony has come under threat. The war of words trending between the youths of Northern States in reaction to the sit at home strike enforced by IPOB in South Eastern States of Nigeria is worrisome. This concern must be taken seriously by all in view of the constituents involved:our future leaders.

There is no gain saying that activities of IPOB has been challenging our cooperate existence as a people but it is better handled by dialogue and negotiations instead of alternative means. It is common knowledge that our youths are restive because of afflictions from lack of engagements which is breeding frustration across the country. We must not ignore these developments as merely isolated but take steps to narrow the gap to create hope and confidence. This is a challenge to all forms of leadership be it political, bureaucratic, traditional, social or spiritual.

I admit the genuineness of the agitations of the youths for a better deal in all engagements but l do not approve of violent approach to the problems. There is no doubt the future belongs to the youths, whether we like it or not, so youths should press for better deals instead of allowing their frustrations to destroy our common heritage: the country.

Therefore, I am appealing to Arewa Consultative Youth Forum to in the interest of peace withdraw their ultimatum given to citizens of South Eastern extractions residence in 19 Northern States. Also, I am calling on all governments, traditional and spiritual leaders to take adequate steps to prevail on the youths to tour the part of peaceful coexistence in the North. By the same token, let me challenge leaders and governments of the South East to desist from playing the ostrich with IPOB agitations but demonstrates sincerity in tackling the challenges. The time to act is now but once it drift off control then it will catapult into a tsunami that will consume all.

I have been insisting that youth agitations and restiveness is development related question inflamed by perceived neglect. Governments at all levels must move away from theories to practical commitments so as to secure the confidence of this volatile constituency. The immediate panacea to these challenges for governments and leadership is to open up dialogue engagements with youths at all levels instead of treats which will compound the situation.

Nonetheless, I am passionately appealing to AYCF to shield the sword because of the blessings of the month of Ramadan by withdrawing the ultimatum and embrace dialogue. Meanwhile, IPOB and all other youth organizations involved in escalating tensions should kindly do same. Let us resolve our differences peacefully. God bless Nigeria.

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