Their moves are not only cowardly, but treacherous, criminal, despicable, desperate, advantage takers and cheap betrayers.

It is really hurtful when the very persons you term your icons of defense, protection, mouthpiece, touch bearer, representative, ambassador and pathfinder turn out to be traitors.

A traitor is not only one who stabs you at the back but destroys every fabric of trust left completely amongst compatriots and family.
Betraying your family members when they are most vulnerable and need you most is simply the worst thing you could do to them. Sincerely, there are no words to qualify your act of betrayal and treachery!

Sitting silly excuses like division within the party is not only callous, unfounded and laughable but childish.

To these heartless traitors, where there no divisions in the party before they were erroneously planted in such key positions?
Why didn’t they decamp then? OK, it is now that they have woken up to realise that divisions abound, and as such, must move on with their lives. But my question to them is, must you move on with the collective will of the people?
Have forgotten that you are a custodian of the people’s/party’s mandate?

Why rob Peter to pay Paul?

Cheap thieves! Stealers of destinies, dreams,hope and people’s hard work!

You cant compare a protest defection, (such as Jang did) which was more or less carried out under duress. And in that condition and state of mind, he still won but was denied clinching the trophy!

You certainly can’t compare to what these desperate opportunistic decampees are doing today. Most of them were none entities before now!

And if it weren’t for the party, they could have gained the prominence they are now enjoying. Probably they could have been nowhere today!

And if they actually want to test the waters, let them drop their stolen mandates and cross carpet then contest on those ” supposed lofty platforms” on neutral grounds and let’s all weigh the outcome.

I laugh at people when they say politics is a game, and as such they turn to traitors, selfish individuals and so inconsiderate at the slightest opportunity to stab others at the back. Is that what a game is all about?

politics is not a game as they so potent. it is a movement, an ideology, a vehicle to drive home a collective interest through hard work, determination and dedication, predicated on unity and unity alone.

No one can succeed alone in politics. You can’t afford to play tricks on the family that supported u to prominence, sitting ‘game” as an excuse!

For instance, pls tell me, if you are building a family house and a renegade family member steals a truck load of cement that is meant to complete building the structure to lintel level, and sells it off cheaply to a neighbor who
is also building his own house next to yours, and then sheepishly calls it a “game”? how counter productive could that be?

Not only that, but comes up with an unthinkable reason that some members of the family are disputing over some issues!!!! And that’s why I had to “move” the merchandise! How ridiculous?

Even if some members are in dispute, should a caring family member abandon the remaining family members or make efforts to resolve such disputes?

PDP as a party is at it’s most weakest and most vulnerable state right now, the last thing any pathetic goons can do to it is to steal it’s mandate. It’s like killing a wounded colleague at the battle field, instead of nurturing such a colleague to stability.

If one is in the habit of killing it’s wounded, when they are highly vulnerable, in a very short while, such a fellow will look for someone else’s shoulder to lean on and none will be available.

It only shows how opportunistic they have been all this while.

Adverse situations avails us with an opportunity to know our true friends. It separates the sheep from the wolves!

It also clearly shows those that were never with us, but we’re hangers on. Also, then we shall know those with genuine love or concern for the well-being of the family.

It’s so annoying and unfortunate that traitors are hardly ever known or detected before hand. Just like family, you don’t decide who becomes your siblings or parents. SAD!!!!”

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Opinion: Political Prostitution And Gangsterism – by Victor Lomak

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