I may start this article by coming up with a simple position. What basically defines what we get at times is the fair knowledge we have about what we are expecting in life thus the need for us to make our demands knowing fully what we want and it shall be granted.
To be biblical in a way, I would like to make reference to what the word of God said; ask and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened to you. Additionally, I would like to say that Jesus Christ in his own humility washed the feet of his disciples despite the fact that they were his followers; this speaks of how fair God is to mankind thus the need for man to be kind to his fellow man.
In a real outlook we may say that the concept of humanity is yet to be defined in our society and if defined, there is a need for its new definition to capture fairness, justice, reward, good sense for the needy, and taking care of the vulnerable especially our women and children.
In our families, meetings are held; patriarchy has assigned leadership of the family to the father and the mother while the children are more like companions, which is what a family system that is the nucleus of the society produces.
In the society at large, these families team up to become a force as they elect their leaders to guide and shepherd them. What these families do is to decide who they hope to vote in a round table discussion giving out reasons for accepting and voting a particular person to be their voice, thou in another way, other families allow the freedom of choice. Every member of the society has a tendency of sitting on the table to discuss issues that are relevant to his/her well-being.
This new table comes with permanence to others while to others it is temporal. As people are elected, they sit in the National and state assemblies as senators some sit as governors, chairmen, etc. They have access to the table which is an advancement over their previous state and or decide what to eat, how to eat, where to eat, when to eat, and what portion goes to the floor for the masses (who are under the table as they are even the table in some instances) to live on. (Who gets what, when, where and how. Mao Tse Tung)
This new table creates a boardroom where all these leaders meet to make decisions which in turn impact on the well-being of the masses; therefore, a discrepancy is created in terms of what to give out, how to give, where to give, who to give what, and when to give.
This table blocks the masses that remain under the table in many pains, discomfort, and after a decade or so one of the masses is elevated to sit close to the table and then the table finally, and this happens as an outcome of prolonged loyalty.
What the table possesses is typical for members of the table alone and anyone that tries to get to the table must pay his or her dues. This table is cleaned always by the masses that always sharpen their weapons (voters’ card) to return these members of the high table back to the table again after a period of time.
After returning the members of this table back to the table, what they do is to associate themselves with, warehouses, containers, abandoned houses, and grave yards just in a desperate quest to hide the proceeds obtained through being members of the table.
Those who sit on the table are omnipotent but not omnipresence in terms of distribution of social benefits to those under the table and their credentials are not different from that of those under the table. They do not share a culture superficial from that of those under the table. They are only opportunists and products of the times.

Whatever is being discussed on the table has no business or good correlation with improved well-being of those under the table; hence, those under the table carry the table and those on the table on their heads and backs for long. The aftermath of this has reflected itself in a class difference yet to be closed up. Differences in schools and where these schools are situated, differences in the colour of breakfast enjoyed daily, differences in the amount spent on social connection, differences in the amount of impunity and then differences in seeking for redress; all these are designed and negotiated on the table.
Someday, we shall get to be on the table. I pray we all sit on the table someday and not to keep it resting on another person’s head or shoulder for long without rewarding or elevating the keeper of the table.
This table if not renovated or changed, has no room for fairness! When we get to be on the table, its needful we renovate and restructure it, and this should come soon. Thanks a lot!

Evans Binan Dami
Clinical Psychologist/Writer/researcher/ social activist
[email protected]
blog: nevansbinan.blogspot.com

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Opinion: Who Sits On The Table – Evans Binan Dami

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