Dachung Bagos, the former aspirant of the Jos South/Jos East Federal constituency seat and the G-17 leadership team have reached out to the Igbo Community Association in Jos in an act of solidarity and brotherhood.

Speaking at the parley, Bagos expressed the unalloyed support of Plateau youths to Igbos – saying a long standing cooperation and understanding has existed between the Plateau man and the Igbos who were one of the first migrants to arrive on the Plateau. He pleaded that they discount statements credited to Arewa Youth Group who asked that Igbos vacate the North – stressing that the unity and oneness of Nigeria is un-negotiable.

In turn, the leader of the youth delegation of the Igbos thanked Dachung Bagos and the G-17 team for their thoughtfulness and promised that the community will continue to abide peacefully with all Nigerians.

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Photo News: Dachung Bago visits Igbo community in Jos, in act of solidarity

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