This is the last stroke that broke the camel’s back. Thankfully, it has enlightened our sedative minds of a fact that we have been manipulated, used and now refused. Impending danger awaits us if we don’t override our unconsciousness in this class struggle characterized by a structured deceit system that sustains sycophancy, denies the challenge for good and accountable leadership/ governance and youth participation in governance. Worthy of note is how we (youths) have surrendered our rights in our selfish quest for political relevance and making it easy for them (our politicians) to destroy all progressive unions we try to create. This they do by inflicting hunger through instituting unemployment and non-empowerment, a structure that only permits and rewards misguided loyalty and sycophancy and sustain their hegemony over the activities of the hungry and less privileged class they created (youth).
consequently, we should not wait for nemesis upon these people and their activities that have and is robbing us of time and chance, we should arise and consciously demand what is our ideal and face whatever poses a threat to the greatness of our generation, we should make deliberate moves to issue compulsory retirement to those occupying places we desire and pursue , we should put government on their feet by demanding for accountability and also make them respond appropriately to youth empowerment, we should contest elections, we will protest against nonchalance to youth empowerment, we will use our only weapon which is our unity in purpose to fight our time, space and chance, this and many more are activities we must indulge to declare the resurgence of the plateau youth spirit. For how long shall we go on with the reality that exploits and deprives us, for how long shall we only hear what is appealing and never get to experience it, for how long shall we keep following, when shall we all have a fair deal, when shall the process actually favor us?
The youth have been categorized as a machinery to their will of power either as a voter, a political thug or a fervent supporter of their continues unrealistic and relative ideals and the reward of which cannot be precisely determined till date. Painfully in our home front they distribute appointments to friends and families, children of cronies and loyalists, yet they call it youth empowerment when it’s actually a plan to sustain the dominance of a particular lineage even into our generation. Ben Carson said “we’ve been conditioned to think that only politicians can solve our problems but at some point, maybe we will wake up and recognize that it was politicians who created our problems” this process of democracy has only given provision for a signal of hope once in every four years with a steady status quo in subsequent prevailing years in-spite of incited hopes.
In the current state of our nation, we are caught in between two worlds……….
Those pursuing happiness vs those fighting to sustain happiness.
While we try to build a united network, they are aiding our segregation (using ethnicity and religion) to sustain power and control. They exploit and deprive in order to build dynasties of power control. They use resources they control to acquire sycophants instead of mentoring and empowering. While one sees religion as hope for greatness, the other only sees it as a tool for greatness.
Over the years, we have been blindfolded to the extent that we always submit ourselves as powerless and helpless without them but we have been awaken by prevalent afflictions created by them to subdue us, we have identified ourselves today as the power sources and this time we are going to use it appropriately, we will pull and push because “we are the powerful”, we will pull and push because “we are the powerful”.

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Where are the Powerful? – Nantok Zumnan Rengshwat

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